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Kendrick Lamar's New Reebok Shoes Sale Attempt to Unite Rival Ga

Each pair of Lamar's re-mixed Reebok Ventilators  contains one "BLUE" shoe and one "RED." The two colors, one written on the left and one on the right, represent the bloods (red) and the crips (blue), two major gangs in Compton and across the country.

The word "NEUTRAL" is shown on the tongues of both right and left, thus uniting the two warring gangs. According to Complex Sneakers, Kendrick's new Reeboks are set to hit the U.S. Reebok-sponsored short film "Be Ventilated," which aired in April; "We can no longer sit idly by while the powers that be tell us how to live, how to think, how to act, all the while writing songs about not caring about us."

His new sneakers are intended to rouse persons that might otherwise not be thought of when considering positive change within his community.